L Star Murals
Los Angeles based mural painting company



How much does a mural cost? 

Each project is unique and is priced individually. The cost of a custom mural or sign depends upon several factors:  size, complexity, location, and surface.  Relatively sparse compositions and simple decorative designs are at the lower end of the spectrum, while murals with intricate detail, dense layout and people will cost more.  A lot more goes into the making of a mural than people realize.  While we work quickly onsite, we don’t skip over the important steps like thorough client correspondence, proper wall preparation, and taking the time to create and revise preliminary designs.

That said, for those of you who just want a rudimentary reference for pricing, our hand painted wall murals usually fall in the range of $20/sq ft - $30/sq ft. If you have a budget in mind, let us know and we can discuss some options with you. 


How long does a mural take?

Most of our murals take between a day and a week to paint, often after many hours have been spent discussing and creating designs.  Of course, some murals take longer- it really all depends on the scale and complexity.  We tend to be booked out several weeks in advance with projects, but can sometimes accommodate a rush job, just ask. Let us know if you have a deadline, and we can let you know what our schedule looks like.


Will you paint a disney mural for me?

We don't paint licensed characters. We try to be as respectful of creative copyright as possible. This unfortunately means no Disney, Dr. Seuss, Star Wars, etc that we don't have written permission from the artist or designer. Instead, we can create a dynamic custom design for you, and you'll get something totally cool that no one else has!


Are there other things you do not paint?

We love to create custom designs and hand painted murals and signs, but for a variety of reasons there are a few things we just don't paint. Unfortunately, among those that we do not paint (along with licensed copyrighted characters) are princess rooms, window splash, signs on glass, pin striping and company logos over 15 feet off the ground. 


Will you re-paint my room a solid color?

We recommend getting a house painter in ahead of us if you are looking to change the full room color. We will alter the background color on any wall that we're painting a mural on.


What type of paint do you use?

We use Low-VOC acrylic latex wall paint for our mural backgrounds, and Nova Color artist acrylics for all the details. They are non-toxic and safe for children's bedrooms. Zero-VOC wall paint is also available upon request.