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Outline of a Project

  GATHERING DETAILS- Each project starts with obtaining as much information from you as possible about what you need/envision. We typically need to know:

  1. The type of artwork you are looking for (mural or sign)

  2. Theme/style of artwork (abstract geometric mural, beach scene, etc)- feel free to include references or a design if you already have one

  3. Where the artwork is going (restaurant, office space, nursery, etc)

  4. The dimensions of the area to be painted

  5. Pics of the wall(s) now

  6. Type of wall (interior drywall, exterior cinderblock, etc)

  7. Your location

BALLPARK QUOTE- Once we have enough information about your project we'll email you our best estimate of the project cost. This is subject to change.

ONSITE MEETING- After the ballpark quote is approved, we often schedule an onsite meeting to discuss details of your project. This can include getting exact measurements, taking pictures, going over colors, design ideas, logistics, etc. This meeting is usually an hour or less. Not all jobs require an onsite visit.

PRELIMINARY DESIGN- The needs of each project vary. Some mural projects will not necessarily require designs (wall of clouds, logo reproductions, etc) but for most we create scale representations of what you can expect your mural to look like. If the directive is clear one design will suffice, other times clients may want several different options to choose from. We collect a non-refundable design fee to begin the design process and give you an idea of when you can expect to see your renderings. We then email you the finished designs with pricing information once they are completed. This allows you to make any necessary revisions before a drop of paint hits the wall. Once the final design is selected, we schedule our onsite painting dates and invoice for 1/2 of the painting fee to hold those dates. 

ONSITE PAINTING- This is the exciting part! In preparation, we request that the area around the wall is cleared before our arrival so we can come in and begin transforming your wall as quickly as possible. Each job has different specifications and we are careful to use plastic and drop cloths to ensure the art ends up only where it is intended. We put a lot of care and attention to detail in every project, while working as quickly as possible to see your project to completion.